The very first time we met with Jennie Briggs, Trey Garner and the remainder of the Garner team, we knew we were dealing with a professional organization that took interest in building OUR home. The process of building can be overwhelming, even though we had built custom within the past five years. We quickly overcame any anxiety and had absolute trust that the individuals comprising the team had our best interest in mind . The team helped us with understanding the cost implications of our choices. The Garner team always provided more than one option for our decision making. We very much enjoyed the construction process of our home

The one question we found to ask is not how many homes the builder has completed but more importantly how many homes is your superintendent managing. After asking this question we were pleased to hear not only was the Garner team highly experienced but their managers supervise 3-4 homes at a time. We found that this allows for the superintendent to be on site nearly daily, which is one the most important aspects of building – and that is who is managing the trades. Not only was the project managed efficiently by Louis Beck, he has the behind the scene support of one of the most talented and artistic individuals in the home construction business we have ever met, Amy Henderson. She provided detailed project coordination ensuring the superintendent was in sync with selections and timelines.

We not only received a beautiful home, but a well-engineered, solidly performing home.

We would do it all again with this team, no surprises, no budget busters and most of all peace of mind.


Michael and Diana Zachgo on Granadilla, Cordillera Ranch

We hired Garner Homes to build our home in 2015 and could not have made a better decision. From budgeting to building to post-construction care, they are systemized, methodical and personable. We were provided access to volumes of information in all phases, which suited our style of decision-making.

Working with the architecture, interior design and construction teams were collaborative and they always provided great counsel. We were able to rely on Trey and his associates often for the “If this were your house, what would you do?” advice. They were responsive, transparent, committed to excellence and finished our home as originally scheduled.

The quality of their workmanship is high-level, and during the construction process, when something wasn’t done to their standard, they worked until they were happy with it. Their high expectations were absolutely aligned with ours.

The web portal, Garner Homes’ online project management tool, streamlined communication and provided instantaneous and ongoing interaction. We were able to track every detail from selection decisions to the schedule to the overall financial picture of the project at the click of button.

The entire experience, end result and post construction communication exceeded our expectations, and we remain great friends with the Garner Homes team. We love our Garner Home and would not hesitate to build with them again. Without hesitation or reservation, we strongly recommend Garner Homes.

Kathy & Barry Denton on Muirfield, Cordillera Ranch

This was our fifth custom home to build, and this experience was the best we’ve had yet. We wanted to design and build something different that pushed the envelope in Cordillera Ranch, and the Garner Homes folks were enthusiastic about that. It was a true collaboration that even included bringing materials in from a friend from Colorado!

The budgeting was done early and we felt comfortable making decisions because we understood the costs as we moved through design and construction.

The difference was the Portal. With this tool, we felt like there would be no finger pointing, as to who dropped the ball, etc. It was wonderful and helped us feel comfortable during the ‘long distance’ process. We felt like we were always in the loop and never hesitated to ask questions or make comments or criticisms, if needed.

The end result is one-of-a-kind. We love our home – it is a perfect reflection of us and we are so glad we hired Garner Homes to build it.

Alex and Sherry Preston on Augusta, Cordillera Ranch

Communication is key in any relationship, especially when building a home. Garner Homes’ team communication is outstanding. All partners they utilize, whether the design team, the cabinet maker, appliance supplier, lighting experts – they were easy to do business with and had a consultative approach. They listened to what we were trying to accomplish and provided solutions we couldn’t have reached on our own. Garner Homes utilizes an online project portal – this communication tool used in every facet of building a custom home was my Bible. It was easy to use, and it gave Heidi and me the ability to review what was posted that day and act accordingly to approve, question, disapprove, ask for alternatives etc. We lived 1,000 miles away during the build and this portal made the distance seem like nothing. It helped us be a part of the project on a daily basis. Our team took pictures for us at every juncture along the way. This was outstanding and helped us feel like we were there on site. Looking back- the Garner Homes team started as just our builder – they finished being an outstanding builder and maybe more importantly – a friend!!!

Bob & Heidi Keller, Cordillera Ranch

Garner Homes operated with openness and integrity from the first meeting. They have an excellent team and we enjoyed our experience very much. We enjoyed the planning phase greatly, and benefited from the accurate budgeting and thoughtful scheduling. We have built five homes previously and working with Garner Homes was the best experience by far. We love our home and absolutely recommend Garner Homes whenever we are asked.

Craig and Elaine Moody, Cordillera Ranch

The Garner Homes team was attentive, gracious, and helpful. They left nothing undone and were always thinking ahead. They were responsive before, during, and after the completion of our home. We recommend Garner Homes and their team professionals to anyone who values the “extra mile” effort, sticking to their word, and standing beside their product.

Chuck and Nancy Hollimon, Cordillera Ranch

I can’t brag enough about our homebuilder, Garner Homes!! We have lived in our new house for one year. They are now doing the One Year Punch List. This is totally separate from the punch list we turned in after we moved in. Those items were done long ago! They came in this morning and started blue taping anything they saw which was not to their excellent standards and are in the process of making sure everything is perfect! What a team! Unbelievable 5-Star Service! Thank you to Trey Garner, Jennie Mullins Briggs, and the entire awesome team! The Bowlings LOVE you!

Lisa Moore Bowling, Cordillera Ranch

This project was our ninth home, but first to be custom from the ground up. They were with me from the beginning, bringing ideas before their competition that matched up with my ideas – they built OUR house, with all of our ideas and concepts. All the staff was a pleasure to work with and very professional. Their process was very organized and clear through the use of their web portal for communications and approvals. The construction superintendent was very knowledgeable and brought highly qualified contractors to the job. The house is built very sound, was turned over on time, budget overruns were all my ideas, and the punch list was very small with only minor issues. Would I build with Garner again or recommend Garner Homes – you bet!

Houzz, July 2015

Honesty, Integrity, and Excellence describe Trey and his team. His communication was outstanding, with a portal that allowed daily/weekly updates, communication on specific ideas or changes, and a well organized record of an ENORMOUS amount of details and changes. We actually had FUN building this house. His team was spectacular. I would personally like to give Kudos to Louis, our Superintendent, Amy who helped us with design changes, (and just about everything else), Natalie who managed all the finances, and Jennie who helped us get started. This core team was so POSITIVE, helpful and always available to answer the thousands of questions we had. His architect, Jim Terrian, designed the PERFECT layout for our dream home. Nicole (NR Interiors) did an amazing job with Interior design. AL Briggs’ Cabinetry — WOW! Josh Maldonado’s landscaping team did an awesome job with our hillside lot. Emily from Ferguson’s helped so much with lighting, appliances, etc. We LOVE this house. It’s truly a dream home. Thank you to all involved.

Houzz, February 2016

Garner Homes was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. They made what is usually a stressful time, very manageable. Building a custom home means lots of decisions, making adjustments and lots of frustration when things don’t happen as planned. Garner homes managed the process with grace, shouldered the brunt of scheduling challenges and delivered a home we adore. They were our advocate through the process, making sure we understood what was going on and what was happening next. If there was an option we had not considered that might make the end result better, they stopped, called us and gave us the chance to modify so we could take advantage of an improvement, even if it meant altering the plan or the schedule. Their people are top notch and know their industry so you get lots of guidance if you want it. If you choose Garner Homes, you get the highest quality home packaged with a team that cares about your home as if it were their own. What more could you ask for?

Houzz, January 2015

I began my custom home build process with Garner Custom Homes in 2014. Entering the custom home-buying process, I wanted to build and own a home that was well-built, stylish, and functional. I knew upfront the process would be complex and take time, therefore realized the importance of an experienced and professional custom home builder. The team at Garner Custom Homes made the build process for me as smooth as possible and were flexible to make changes when needed during construction. They were budget minded and worked well with deadlines and completed projects in a timely manner. The team was easy to contact and communicate with as well as answered questions quickly throughout the process. My completed custom home delivers on all fronts, consistently receiving compliments from family and friends. Thoughtfulness and attention to detail are apparent throughout the house. In summary, my house will be enjoyed for years to come and I strongly recommend Garner Custom homes to build your dream home.

Houzz, August 2014

After interviewing several high quality custom builders, my wife and I chose Garner Homes in Boerne, Texas to build our dream retirement home. The construction process was impeccably supervised by Garner’s construction superintendent…The subcontractors used were well screened and of very high quality. Our house was built while we lived overseas and, between the several visits we were able to make home, the Portal kept all updated on the progress, upcoming issues and selections, up-to-date financials, change order management, etc. The whole Garner team did an excellent job of keeping to our budget and the timeline. All changes that we requested were managed efficiently and fairly. Bill Embley was excellent in meeting our time deadline to be in the house for the Christmas holidays – and that was not easy and took constant management and coordination of his high quality subcontractors. All punch item items and subsequent minor repairs and touchups have been handled with professionalism and the highest quality. We could not be happier with our retirement home. We consider the entire Garner team our friends. We could not recommend them more strongly.

Houzz, December 2013

We hired Garner Homes to custom build our 3200 sq ft home in Canyon Lake, Texas. Everything they did was with the upmost quality in mind. They also were extremely open to our suggestions and wants and were able to make all of our “unique” requests happen. We are extremely happy with the finished product and would definitely recommend Garner Homes to anyone interested in building a home in the area.

Houzz, March 2014

Trey Garner and his team did a fantastic job throughout the process of building our dream home. They provided exemplary customer service, knowledge and expertise. Everyone made what could have been a very stressful experience fun and exciting! We have and will continue to highly recommend Garner homes!

Houzz, March 2014

Garner homes designed and built a custom home on our lot. We are extremely satisfied with the design process, advice, workmanship, and service after the home was complete. I recommend Garner Homes with complete confidence.

Houzz, March 2014

We hired Garner Custom Homes to build our home Our experience with Trey Garner and his wonderful staff was first rate. This was our first custom home, and Trey and the staff walked us through the entire process. They were helpful, patient and always attentive to our needs. During the building process, the Garner Homes staff kept us well informed, the job site was always kept clean and well maintained, and the contractors hired to do the work were respectful and punctual. Our project was finished within the estimated time period and within budget. There were no financial surprises along the way. The end result is a beautiful well built home. We would not hesitate to recommend Garner Custom Homes to anyone looking to build a custom home.

Houzz, May 2013

Garner homes built our home in Boerne. They did a fantastic job. Everyone was easy to work with and the quality of construction is amazing. Overall it was an execellent experience and we would definitely build another with them.

Houzz, February 2013

We hired Garner Homes to build our retirement home. The project started in 2009 and ended mid-2012. We were very satisfied with the process from design and through construction. We were living overseas in the middle east during the entire period and the design and construction process went very smoothly with no major surprises. The cost came in on budget and the house was completed on time. Trey Garner and his team were extremely easy to work with and very, very professional. I was a project manager during my career and I have not seen a better team.

Houzz, June 2012

We are very satisfied with our home, our builder Trey Garner, and his professional staff. Garner homes continues to respond promptly to the smallest of issues that have come up with our home. We would build with them again.

Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

I was most satisfied with Bill and working with him. Every time Trey came over the house he was constantly looking around for things that needed to be correct. The home is beautiful and very well built.

Boerne, TX

We were most satisfied with the honesty and integrity of the company. We appreciated how Garner stuck to it’s written and verbal commitments.

Boerne, TX

I am very happy with the overall quality of the house. We haven’t found a lot of things that need to be corrected after moving in, which is great.

Boerne, TX

We have had many comments and compliments from neighbors about how clean they kept the job site during building.

Boerne, TX

We are completely satisfied. The staff was great and we constructed the home while overseas. They made the process very easy.

Boerne, TX

The customer service was very good and the communication was good. It was everything you could hope for.

Boerne, TX

I was most satisfied with Garner Homes’ flexibility of the changes that were made.

Boerne, TX

Garner Homes didn’t fall short of any of my expectations.

Boerne, TX

Garner met or exceeded our expectations.

Boerne, TX

Quality of build, craftsmanship and materials used.

Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

I was most satisfied with the quality of the home.

Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

I wanted to follow up with you and your team to convey our pleasure in our Garner Home. The design, construction and very important input have all contributed to make this a great home and excellent example of your home building ability. We have had a neighborhood Christmas party and women’s club coffee and everyone absolutely loves this house.

Boerne, TX